A personal way to backup your website.

We help your keep human-readable backups of your business on your favorite Cloud Storage platform.

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How Backup Site Works ?

Files & Database

We download everything you want to be backed up

( without executing anything on your server )

We can also backup your database connection using either direct credentials, OR by executing a PHP script on your site and encrypting everything using AES 256 with an unique one time token that isn't stored, we delete the file after execution.



We take everything and create a ZIP File that is transferred to your chosen cloud platform, after that we delete everything from our end, making sure that your backup is only stored on your chosen destination.



The backup files are human readable, but we've also added a few options you can use, such as Restore, Migration and Full Restores, and of course, the option for a direct link for download.


Backup Site can be configured in less than 5 minutes.

  • 1 You attach an FTP account in the system.
  • 2 Configure a destination for your backups on one of the Cloud Storage Platforms, or even on another FTP Account.
  • 3 Create a backup Configuration.
  • 4 You're all set, you should receive an email notification anytime a backup happens.

Backup Site Works with everything